Just Press Play

At this time Just Press Play is only open
to IGM majors. (Find out more?)

Who can play?

Right now, Just Press Play is only for students in RIT's School of Interactive Games & Media--those majoring in Game Design & Development, or New Media Interactive Development.

We're hoping to implement versions of Just Press Play for other RIT majors, and for other schools, but that will require more funding than we currently have. Because many of our achievements are based on skills and interests relevant to our students, we can't just clone what we have for other programs--instead, we'll need to work with faculty and staff in those programs to develop content specific to their students. If and when we're able to do that, we'll be sure to let everyone know via our Facebook page, our Twitter feed, and our Think Play blog.

Why would I want to play?

Why would I want to play? Our hope is that we are creating achievements that are fun to do, things you already do, or would like to do. There are many to choose from, some with an emphasis on making stuff. Some are things to do with friends. Some are an opportunity to explore the campus and beyond. It's a way to get recognition--both from the IGM community and outside of it.

Your achievements also become a record of things you've done while you're here, allowing you to remember and reflect on things you've enjoyed. When you see the achievements your friends have completed, and read their stories about completing them, you may find new things that you'd like to do.

Because our players are those in Interactive Games and Media, we encourage participation and help in designing an experience that would engaging to you. We're listening.

Who has access to my player information?

By default, only people you accept as your friends in Just Press Play can see your profile and achievements. You can change that to let any registered player see that, or you can make it visible to the world. We will be analyzing game data throughout the year to see what's working and what's not, but no personally identifiable information will ever be released--your activities in Just Press Play are protected by the same laws that protect your student records.

I have an idea for an achievement--where do I send it?

The Just Press Play forums (which are available after you log in) have a whole section for achievement suggestions. Once a quarter we'll hold an open meeting to discuss what new achievements should be added into the game. If we choose one of your suggestions, you'll even get an achievement for that!