Just Press Play

At this time Just Press Play is only open
to IGM majors. (Find out more?)

What kind of research are you doing on Just Press Play?

During our first year, which was essentially a beta test of the concept, we gathered general statistics about use of the system. We also did qualitative interviews of students and faculty--including both those who were active participants in the game, and those who were not. Some preliminary results based on the first year experience were presented at the Games, Learning and Society conference in June of 2012. However, the primary goal of the first year was simply to help us find serious “bugs” in the system so that we could iterate on the first attempt and launch something more stable in fall of 2012.

How is the new version different?

We’ve changed many aspects of the game design and the user experience, which are detailed on our development blog, Think Play. More importantly, we have rebuilt the underlying data structures and code to enable better analysis of player activity. Based on our interviews with students, we have modified aspects of the user experience to ensure that achievement completion data is collected at the time the achievement is completed, rather than depending on users to enter complex codes after the fact.

What’s been published or presented?

In 2012 we presented at Macarthur’s Digital Media & Learning conference, the GDC Education Summit, and the Games, Learning & Society conference. The GDC talk was recorded, but is only available to GDC summit attendees. Our presentation on the “Gamification and Education” panel at GLS was also recorded, and is available online (our part of the panel begins at the 1:02:30 mark). Our two papers for GLS will be available when the proceedings are published later in 2012.