Just Press Play

At this time Just Press Play is only open
to IGM majors. (Find out more?)

Sample Achievements

Undying (GDD Fall 2012-13)

The year may have just begun, but no one is being left behind.


  • If 90% of the students in GSD 1 this fall pass the course, all players in the game get this achievement.

Meet the Elite

Attend the IEEE International Games Innovation conference in Rochester, September 7-9. Network with world-renowned devs, designers and authors, and hear about boundary-pushing game research--all in one weekend.


  • Attend the conference.
  • Have a Just Press Play rep scan your PlayPass.

Crossing the Delaware

Leutze would be proud.


  • Recreate the painting "Crossing the Delaware."
  • Take a picture, and upload it here.
  • To impress us, take the picture on an actual boat!

Andy Phelps: A Walk Into Mordor

Find my office in the depths of Mordor, when the Black Gate is open. Get the card. Feel free to strike up a conversation about the domination of Middle Earth, or about IGM...


  • Follow the instructions.
  • Have me scan your PlayPass.

Balancing Act I

Equilibrium: Find your center.


  • Earn at least four points in each of the four quadrants.


Want to know more about how Just Press Play works, and whether you're eligible to play? We've got answers for you here. MORE...


Looking for research-oriented information on how and why we implemented Just Press Play? You can find links to white papers, conference presentations, and journal articles about Just Press Play here. MORE...


While Just Press Play is currently available only for students in RIT's School of Interactive Games & Media, we are working to make it available to other educators and students this year. Find out more here. MORE...